I feel like I've finally put a part of myself to bed. Some of these songs have been floating around in my life since my first album and now that they are out of my hands i feel like a giant weight has been lifted off me. 

This Ep is a chameleon of sorts. It started out as an idea for a covers record, which morphed into a full fledged album of originals, which then turned into an Ep of 6 songs that I couldn't quite shake. Older songs and newer songs that I have probably recorded at least 4 times each, never feeling satisfied with the results.

I started recording them back in June 2011 with one producer and then I took a long break before getting back to them and starting from scratch in May of 2014. This time around I went a completely different route, giving myself a definite release date that i couldn't get out of and joining up with a good friend and amazing producer, Dave Meszaros. What we ended up with is the closest I have ever come to realizing my own vision for these songs.    

I have never felt truly satisfied with my releases after the initial excitement of writing the song has worn off. I'm really hard on myself and it's common for me to hold onto a song for years, recording and re-recording it, until it loses all meaning and by that time I can't bear to release it. My musical genius of a friend gave me some great advice when I explained this. He said, "Just get them out, put them down and walk away so that you can move on and start fresh with all of the knowledge you gained from the experience." And that is, what I feel this is.

This batch of 6 songs was a series of lessons, trials and errors but at the end of the day they became a very positive part of my growth and i'm glad they are out there now. 

So enjoy!


che dorval