I've always managed to keep my life pretty uncluttered and chill. I'm generally not too busy and I take a lot of time for myself. As a rule of thumb, if I've already planned something for the day the rest is a write off.  It's not that I'm low energy or that I don't have a million things to do, it's that I pace myself and weed out the things that aren't important by not doing them.  I only have so much social energy. I'm kind of a hermit that way.

On the flip side I get bored really really easily. I'm reluctant to use the word bored because I feel it invites disaster but when I haven't booked myself up solidly for the week I get antsy, crazy and BORED.

This month has been the perfect amount of chaos and quiet. Getting ready to go on tour with Kim Churchill on March 2nd has kicked my ass into high gear. It's gotten me thinking about what to do next and what I want to do with myself in general. There have been so many little things that have sprung up that have needed my attention. I've written up an 8 page marketing initiative plan for a grant, filmed a video for said grant, designed a logo, figured out merch for the tour, applied for a UK visa, rehearsed like a mad women, served people just SO MANY EGGS (don't ask...Ugh....) so that i can afford this trip, and i really like it, this busyness. 

With the Casualties tour everything was planned and perfected without me.  I pretty much got on a plane and was shipped here and there to play. Which was really great but I didn't realize all that went into to the planning of it. 

I do now and although some of it is pretty stressful and some of it is just breathtakingly menial, all of it is worth something to me. I'm actively building my life and taking part in the process and I like it. 

So anyways, long rant cut short. In 2 weeks and 3 days I will be back in London playing the Borderline, opening for the lovely Kim Churchill and continuing on non-stop for 12 days all over the UK and ending in Tunbridge Wells at The Forum. 

This tour will be the birth of my first t-shirt (of which I am on.... which totally weirds me out but it's nice so buy it if you want?) and my first solo tour.  I will be sleeping on couches, sharing hotel rooms with strangers (who i hear are really nice people) and generally doing everything I've wanted to do since I was little. 

Pretty good month.


che dorval