New Record 'Between the walls and the Window' out December 8th 2017!

It's happening! It's finished! phew! I teamed up with some of my favourite people and created something really special and i'm so excited to share it with you! Stay tuned for updates, single releases and other fun stuff and in the next couple weeks you'll be able to get your pre order in. 

Next week i'm shooting my very first music video with me in there's that. Here's hoping the lovely folks at Malicio Films can work around my extreme awkwardness or at least make it work for me. It's gonna be a lot of my big ol' face. Love ya!

Happy Halloween from Dunlop Sessions and Casualties of Cool! 

So excited to share this! Especially on Halloween. It's pretty fitting all things considered. Anyways, it was such a great experience and the video is such a beautiful finished product but man, wtf was i thinking when i chose that dress? Ugh Ché. Ugh.


Dunlop Sessions Teaser for Casualties of Cool...

One week until Dunlop Sessions releases it's Casualties of Cool Episode! Here's a little taste of what's coming!


Taylor Moorey Show Podcast...

October 23rd, 2016

Today I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the lovely Taylor Moorey over breaky for his podcast The Taylor Moorey Show ! It's one of the rare interviews where I am not being one of the most awkward people in the world. Check it out!

Casualties of Cool teams up with Dunlop Sessions....

October 18th, 2016

This August, Dev and I headed down to San  Fran's Fantasy Recording Studio to film a three song Casualties of cool set for an episode of MXR's Dunlop Sessions. The video should be out in a couple weeks. I just saw the first cut the other day and it looks pretty bad-ass. Here are a couple awkward videos to tide you over in the meantime!

Interview with Bart from webzine Lords Of Metal

January 8th,  2016

Casualties Of Cool: Ché Aimee Dorval

Ché Aimee Dorval is a Canadian singer/songwriter who in recent years garnered some attention thanks to being part of Casualties of Cool, a project where Devin Townsend is the most well-known other musician involved. (Morgan Ågren is the drummer of that project, an almost legendary super unknown artist. So an interview with him will come around as well.) This super group of sorts is not the only thing Ché has been busy with in recent years – although it’s good to know that work on new Casualties of Cool material is in progress, indeed! Ché embodies music with heart and soul, and as you can read in this interview, we can expect more than we can expect as to what music her future will bring us! This interview is not about metal at all, but it is all about casting aside all stereotypes. And most of all: it is about music and life!

By: Bart | Archive under alternative / pop

Q) Hello Ché Aimee Dorval, and welcome to Lords of Metal. As you can imagine, without you being a part of Casualties of Cool, it would become very hard to imagine you interviewed in a mostly metal webzine. Still, I think such a powerful voice needs to heard, so here we are. Could you introduce yourself to the unaware reader in what you think make up the keystones of you?

A) Thanks Bart, That’s really lovely of you to say. And thanks for the thoughtful questions! Hey readers of Lords of metal, thanks for having me! My name is Ché and I’m a Canadian singer/songwriter who is mostly unknown except for in the metal world (??) which I find both unexpected and strangely comforting. I’m not sure what to classify my music as. I feel like I’m constantly growing and changing my sound. Today it leans towards cryptic folk grunge with a bit of soul mixed in but...

Tour coming up, T-shirts and Momentum 

February 13th, 2015

I've always managed to keep my life pretty uncluttered and chill. I'm generally not too busy and I take a lot of time for myself. As a rule of thumb, if I've already planned something for the day the rest is a write off.  It's not that I'm low energy or that I don't have a million things to do, it's that I pace myself and weed out the things that aren't important by not doing them.  I only have so much social energy. I'm kind of a hermit that way.

On the flip side I get bored really really easily. I'm reluctant to use the word bored because I feel it invites disaster but when I haven't booked myself up solidly for the week I get antsy, crazy and BORED.

This month has been the perfect amount of chaos and quiet. Getting ready to go on tour with Kim Churchill on March 2nd has kicked my ass into high gear. It's gotten me thinking about what to do next and....

New Ep 'Volume One' out on iTunes & Amazon...

October 28th, 2014...

I feel like I've finally put a part of myself to bed. Some of these songs have been floating around in my life since my first album and now that they are out of my hands i feel like a giant weight has been lifted off me. 

This Ep is a chameleon of sorts. It started out as an idea for a covers record, which morphed into a full fledged album of originals, which then turned into an Ep of 6 songs that I couldn't quite shake. Older songs and newer songs that I have probably recorded at least 4 times each, never feeling satisfied with the results.

I started recording them back in June 2011 with one producer and then I took a long break before getting back to them and starting from scratch in May of 2014. This time around I went a completely different route, giving myself a definite release date that i couldn't get out of and...

The Latest News on Ché Aimee...

October 16, 2014...

Website is now up and running!  Finally!

To everyone who helped me with layout advice and offered up their pictures of the last few Casualties shows for the site, thank you so very much.  If not for you this site would have consisted of a picture of my dog and a link to my Facebook page.  Something like this, perhaps:


Anyways, Thanks for not letting that happen....

Keep checking back for more news and updates and join my mailing list if you're so inclined.  It is probably the only mailing list out there that you'll wish emailed you more:-)  

Love, Ché




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